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Our Services

Our Services

On-site -  By Appointment only. $85 

Mobile -   By Appointment only. $85 + Mobile Fee 

Hours: M-F 10-6 / Saturdays 10-2

Dealer & Fleet Services

Explore Services for Dealers and Fleet companies. 

Restoring Vehicles

If you're restoring a vehicle with no record, you'll need a VIN Verification to complete the process. 

Out-of-State Vehicles

Vehicles registering in California for the first time, require a VIN Verification. 

VIN Corrections

Any VIN number entered in error on the California Title will require a VIN Verification. 

Commercial to Auto Crane

Paying too much for commercial registration? Save by Changing your commercial crane to an auto crane. 

Motorcycle and RV VIN Verifications

Get your motorcycle and or RV VIN Verified today with ease.


“David helped me with changing my crane vehicle from commercial to auto.”

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates

Ready to find out more?

Don't waist time towing your vehicle to the DMV. Book today with one of our Licensed and Bonded VIN Verifiers. 

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