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Exploring The VIN Verification Process At Dealerships

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Why Dealerships Need VIN Verifications!

Dealerships often purchase vehicles with Titles from another state. Before that vehicle can be sold, the vehicle must have a VIN Verification done as part of the vehicle registration process.

How Does A Dealer Know If A Vehicle Has an Out-of-State Title?

To determine if the vehicle you are buying has an out of state title, and this assuming the customer does not have the title present, you will need to run a Vehicle History Report (Aka: KSR). Check the California record first to see if there are any indications the title has been surrendered to another state. Next, you should be checking the NMVITIS report. This report will tell you what state and the date the title was issued. Once it has been confirmed that an out-of-state title is issued to the vehicle, you should be making arrangements to have the vehicle VIN Verified as part of your process.

One other thing to consider, if the customer has an out-of-state title, make sure the issue date on the title matches the one on the NMVITIS report.

Mileage Correction

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Another consideration for a VIN Verification for Dealerships would be when the mileage is entered incorrectly in the DMV database. To correct this error, DMV will require a VIN Verification.

Authors Bio: David Briscoe is Licensed VIN Verifier and owner of a vehicle registration service for over 11 years. He is also a former Business Office Associate for a California Dealership.


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