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Mastering Fleet Management: The Vin Verification Advantage

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Representative of Rollin Vin Verifiers completing vin verifications.

When Does a Fleet Management Team Need a Vin Verification?

If you're a Fleet Management Team, often times you're tasked were purchasing vehicles or trucks. These purchases will eventually lead to vehicles having out-of-state titles. Once you've done your research, you've discovered that the California DMV requires a Vin Verification as part of the process. So, what do you do in this case? Your fleet is large in numbers and each one of those vehicles or trucks will have to have it's own Vin Verification completed.

Employee Vs. Vendors? What's The Advantage?

For Fleet Management and vin verifications, you're faced with a dilemma, use employees and have them take the trucks to the DMV for a Vin Verification one at a time because neither DMV nor CHP will do mobile Vin Verifications. If you take this route, your using valuable resources such as taking the employees away from their original roles. Now imagine if your fleet has 50 plus vehicles and some if not all of them are Tractor Trailers. Where in the world are you going to park these trucks? How long is this all going to take when I only have 20 days to complete the registration process.

Your second option is to hire a vendor like Rollin Vin Verifiers. With this option, we can come to your location or shipping yard and complete all of the vin verifications on your behalf. By doing this, you are able to free up your employees from their original duties allowing you to focus on other tasks as we complete the verifications.

Documentation Advantages and Industry Know How

As a vendor, Rollin' Vin Verifiers will not only complete all of the verifications required by DMV, we will maintain records of each Vin Verification. This is helpful for you as a back up in case a document is lost or misplaced. In addition, we are industry experts with 12 years of experience behind us. We know the verification process and keep up with any changes.

Reach Out To Us Today! We're are here to help!

You can book an appointment today online or just give us a call at 909-206-4799. Operators are standing by. Just kidding! I'll be answering your calls personally. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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